Saturday break time

I’ve just spent most of my Saturday bumming around in the garage while Andrew vinyl wraps his company ute (I assisted of course!). I built a nanoblock Charmander and did the following vector… Continue reading

Because they love ramen

I’m finally up to the last scene for this animation. Can’t believe it’s already been 6-7 weeks since I first storyboarded this! I already knew it was time consuming, and I have dedicated most… Continue reading

More Hanson impressions

I’ve completed the Hanson part in my animation, and it sure brought back some memories. Even though I was never really a fan of the band, I was still caught up in that… Continue reading

Taylor Hanson impressions

Taylor Hanson quote:

birds & balloons

Gosh, I am enjoying this animation project more than I’d thought! If only I didn’t have the time factor to stress me out, although… if I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t be pushing myself to… Continue reading

Lunch break

This is what my lunch break typically looks like, well, maybe with the sandwich replaced with a box of rice.

Artwork for Animation

It’s been a while! A while since my digital doodling and also a while since I’ve had a proper hike! :( I’ll get back to it, I promise myself! My brother’s wedding is… Continue reading

HDR attempt again

Trying out HDR photos tonight… I’m not sure what result I’m trying to achieve exactly but this’ll do.

A walk in the park and bay

My hiking weekend streak was broken last week due to City2Surf 2015!  The 2 weeks prior to that (hiking weekend #10 and #11) weren’t really even hikes. Two weekends ago, we did a… Continue reading

Granite Tors, Namadji National Park

I had been planning for our first overnight hike on RNP’s Coastal Track for the past few weeks. I bought all my essential camping gear and booked North Era camping ground. However, an… Continue reading